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professionals and families from non-EU countries

How we help

Want to study in a beautiful and modern European country? Thinking of immigrating to Austria for your kids to have a better future?

We help you fulfil official requirements, take care of the paperwork and make the transition period as smooth as possible.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been working closely with Austrian Immigration Services, departments of Ministry of Education, and a network of trusted Austrian partners getting student visas, residence permits and study places for people just like you and your family to come to Austria.

Why choose Austria?

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Our Services


School Education

We help your child get an Austrian matriculate certification that will let them apply for any university in Europe without any additional paperwork. The knowledge acquired during their studies in Austria will also make it easier for them to pass the admission tests.


Professional Education

We help you get a European diploma in Engineering, IT, Communication, Health & Tourism and other high-demand specialties that will make it possible for you to work and live in Austria later on.



We help you fulfill official requirements, take care of the paperwork and move permanently to Austria, alone or with your family, with as little hassle as possible.

Our Happy Clients


“Thanks to VIA Services, I’m now studying in Vienna”

Thanks to VIA Service I’ve got a great opportunity to graduate high school in Salzburg. Spending 2 years in Austria improved my German so much that I had no problem keeping up with the native speakers and passing the acceptance tests at the university.

About Us
Olga D., Russia

“VIA Service helped me relocate from Delhi to Graz”

VIA Service helped me get my residence permit and move to Austria with much less hassle than I expected. I now live in Graz and still have to pinch myself from time to time to make sure it’s not a dream.

About Us
Mohit A., India

“VIA Service helped us relocate faster than expected”

​VIA Service helped us relocate much faster than we expected, and we felt at home right away. My husband is working remotely, our daughter’s got a spot at a local nursery, and I’m working on my German. We couldn’t be happier.

About Us
Victoria S., Kazakhstan
Professional Education and Training

“I’m endlessly grateful for the career possibilities I’ll have once I graduate”

VIA Service guided me through the preparation and helped me apply and join an engineering college in City. I love the atmosphere and how supportive my teachers are. I’m endlessly grateful for this opportunity and the career possibilities I’ll have in Europe once I graduate.

About Us
Durdane K., Turkmenistan

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