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An education and immigration agency that helps non-EU citizens come to Austria to live or study

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About Us
Alex Traun
Co-founder, Director
About Us
Irina Lewicka
Co-founder, COO

VIA Service was founded in 2012 by Dr. Irina Lewicka, a research scientist who herself immigrated to Austria in 2006, and Alex Traun, a former CEO of a multinational company.

Irina’s first hand experience with immigration and integration and Alex’s experience working and living abroad made them a perfect team to understand their international clients and to help them navigate the challenges of coming to Austria.

Within 7 years after founding VIA Service, Irina and Alex have developed several unique education programmes that help non-EU citizens get European education.

Their experience with relocation of non-EU citizens goes back 15 years, when in 2004, the company Alex was running at the time started offering a limited range of immigration services that in 2010 expanded into the range of relocation services VIA Service offers today.

To help you prepare, deal with the authorities, and relocate to Austria with as little hassle as possible, we have a wide network of partners in Austria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Hong Kong and are constantly looking for new ways to make it possible for you to study or live in Austria.

We stay with you all the way and help you fulfil the official requirements, take care of the paperwork and help you settle in Austria making the relocation process as hussle-free as possible.

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VIA Service has an outstanding first immigration application success rate of 90%, is reasonably priced and provides their clients with a reliable one-stop service for which they would need to hire 4-5 different companies otherwise.

More importantly, they don’t forget about their clients the moment they cross the border but are committed to help them settle in Austria and take an interest in their future path.

Most of the team members have experience living overseas and understand the needs of foreigners in Austria. They provide professional advice with a personal touch helping you adapt in your new home country and making you feel not alone.

Epoch Times, October 2014
About Us

Our Partners

We work closely with Austrian Immigration Services, departments of Ministry of Education, and a network of trusted partners in Austria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Hong Kong

Our partners in Austria

VIA Services is the only company in Austria who works with public schools. We also work with well-known Austrian colleges and academies such as HTL Pinkafeld, HAS HAS Oberwart, FH Burgenland and others.


HTL Pinkafeld
FH Burgenland
О Нас
About Us
Dr. Andre Schnitkowski
Director of WIUIM

We value VIA Service as a trusted partner who cares not only about the interests of Austrian schools and colleges but about the interests of the students.

We are happy to share the same thorough approach: Not only do we want to attract students to study in Austria but we’d like to accompany them till the very moment they get a permanent job.

I’ve personally known Irina and Alex for 10 years and can vouch for their experience and integrity.

Our partners in Kazakhstan

One of our most important partners in Kazakhstan is a university association WIUIM.

Together with WIUIM, we take part in exhibitions, meetings and other marketing events to encourage young people from Kazakhstan to come to Austria to study.

WIUIM help us prepare the applicants to relocate to Austria and improve their German, knowledge of general subjects or in-depth knowledge of specialized subjects.

Once the students that went through this process complete their education in Austria, they have an option to start working in Austria or return to Kazakhstan, where WIUIM guarantees them a job.


Our partners in Russia

Many of our clients are Russian speakers, and we are happy to support them in their native language.

To help you or your children obtain the language certificate necessary to join our programmes and to feel at home in Austria faster, we work together with a team of experienced coaches.

We also work with Austrian Trade Commission in Moscow who help us hold presentations, take part in exhibitions and organize meetings to speak to the Russian students about education in Austria.

About Us
Dr. Anastasiya Kutkina
Language Coach
I’ve been working with VIA Service for 7 years. I’m excited to be a part of the team that helps people move to study or live in Austria – a dream come true for many of them.

Our Supporters in Hong Kong

Our programmes and initiative have found strong support in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. They gladly recommend us and regularly invite us to Hong Kong to attend presentations and exhibitions to speak in front of our potential clients.

About Us
Hong Kong Education & Careers Expo 2018
About Us
Hong Kong Exhibition for education and resident permits 2018
About Us
Hong Kong Education & Careers Expo 2019


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Самые востребованные профессии будущего

Информационные технологии и управление

Информация, медиа, коммуникации; IT инфраструктура и менеджмент, инженерия программного обеспечения и сетевые структуры


Физиотерапия; медсестринское дело, управление и содействие развитию здравоохранения

Менеджмент энергии и окружающей среды

Менеджмент энергии и окружающей среды, техника и автоматизация зданий

Экономика и бизнес

Международные бизнес отношения

Подача заявления

После того, как Вы определились с шансами на зачисление вы можете подать официальное заявление на учебу. Все подробные инструкции по списку документов, переводу и легализации
Вы получите письменно. Ответ поступит на адрес электронной почты, указанный Вами ранее.

Отметим тут лишь главные документы, которые Вам будут необходимы.

Кроме того, Выпускники школ предоставляют

Выпускники и учащиеся других учебных заведений предоставляют

Регистрация на программу:

процедуры шаг за шагом

Подробные консультации, помощь и индивидуальное сопровождение по всем процедурам будут предоставлены.


Собеседование онлайн директора подготовительного отделения FH Burgenland с соискателем на учебное место. Цель: знакомство, тестирование знания немецкого и английского.


Оплата программы соискателем и получение приглашение на учебу от Университета FH Burgenland – шаг для тех кандидатов, кто положительно прошел собеседование.


Сбор документов для подачи иммиграционной заявки в Посольство Австрии.

Попап Регистрация на программу

Прохождение иммиграционной процедуры на родине.

Попап Регистрация на программу

Приезд в Австрию после иммиграционного одобрения заявки соискателя.

Попап Регистрация на программу

Зачисление на учебу в Университет.

Попап Регистрация на программу

Получение ВНЖ и старт-ап в Австрии.

Модули подготовительных программ

Модуль Языки

  • Немецкий язык
  • Английский язык
  • Вводный курс и инструктаж

Модуль Культура Австрии

  • Межкультуральная компетенция
  • Страноведение и культуроведение

Модуль Компетенции

  • Социальная компетенция
  • Личная компетенция:
    управление временем, управление целями; техники обучения, креативные техники

Модуль Академические методы

  • Введение в научные дисциплины (пропедевтика)
  • Семинары, презентации А также, – экскурсии и поддержка менторов.

Бонус Модуль

(только для тех, кто преуспевает в немецком)
  • на 4-м семестре вы можете подать заявку на занятия по двум предметам: по математике и профильному предмету (физика I география I биология и экология).
Попап Модули подготовительных программ

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