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Want to study in a beautiful and modern European country? Thinking of immigrating to Austria for your kids to have a better future?

We help you fulfil official requirements, take care of the paperwork and make the transition period as smooth as possible.

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School Education


Want your child to continue their education at a European university? A high school diploma from your home country may not be enough.

We help high school students from non-EU countries finish their high school education in Austria and get a European matriculate certificate.

With this certificate, your child can apply for any university in Europe without additional paperwork and has a higher chance of passing the acceptance tests.

This 4-year programme is ideal for school children between 14 and 16 years old who have:

  • completed 8 years of school education
  • earned above average school grades
  • achieved A2-level of German language at the beginning of the school year (not required to start the application process)

Professional Education and Training


Want to jump right into classes that speak to your passion without spending more time on general subjects?

We offer vocational education in the well-known Austrian colleges and academies in the sought-after specialties in the fields of construction, electronics, IT, business, tourism (and more!) with practical training on the job.

These 3- to 5-year programmes are ideal for children between 14 and 16 years old. German language knowledge is not required to start the application process.

We offer:

  • Initial technical and vocational education qualification in electronics, robotics, plumbing, construction, cooking and health and social care
  • In-depth vocational education programme for the sought-after specialties where you not only receive a high school certificate but also a professional diploma
  • Apprenticeship - work-based education in an Austrian company with an opportunity to get a permanent job in that company later



Want to live in a modern European country to give your children a better future or to retire among picturesque landscapes?

We help you relocate to Austria fast and with minimum hassle by guiding you through the application process, taking care of the paperwork and helping you settle.

There are over 16 different ways to relocate to Austria depending on what you would like to do, your qualifications, and your financial status. Here are the most common among them.

  • Quota immigration, if you’re financially independent
  • Student immigration, if you want to study in Austria
  • Sponsored employment, if you have an existing job offer from an Austrian company or have high-demand qualifications and professional background
  • Business immigration, if you owe a business in Austria