Transitioning from high school to university

The transition period between secondary school and university is the perfect breeding ground for seemingly irrelevant but later costly mistakes, ranging from missing mandatory lectures due to a late arrival in Austria, to losing money on non-refundable rent and tuition. »

child is graduating from an Austrian high school in a few months and
we want her to stay put; to attend university there. What do we need
to know?”

cannot determine what you specifically need to know without a
personal consultation as each case can and often does vary, but
here’s what we can share from experience: The transition period
between high school and university is the perfect breeding ground for
small but costly mistakes. Did you know, for example, that you are
not in fact applying for an extension of an existing residence permit
but rather for a completely new one?

parents need to be prepared for include:

  • Does
    your child stay in Austria before entering university or does she
    need to leave the country first?
  • Do
    you apply from within Austria – as your child is already a
    resident here – or from your home country again?
  • What
    are the additional requirements for university students?


  • Does
    the student residence title allow visa-free travel within the EU or
    do different conditions apply?
  • Does
    the student residence permit allow your child to work part time
    while studying?

seemingly irrelevant details (in the beginning) are often the points
that cause distress later on, especially if you make mistakes only to
discover them when it’s too late or when you have a tight deadline
to meet.

and intangible costs can range from entering university late
(therefore missing classes with mandatory attendance, which then
impacts your final grade) to wasting money for non-refundable rent
and tuition if the student is then denied entry.

in mind that there are two separate set of procedures you’ll need
to follow: university procedures and immigration procedures; some
elements coincide. With increased
competition in all categories of migration and among international
students for a space at an Austrian university,
the application process has become more intense. Higher selection
criteria on all fronts makes it increasingly crucial to leave no room
for error; to prevent additional opportunities for rejection. Sound
advice and local ground support facilitates the process.

yourself in a similar situation? Have a tight deadline?

let us help you. With our student migration package, we minimize
disruptions to the student’s daily life so that he or she can focus
on what’s important – finishing his/her studies successfully!
Services include:

  • University
    application guidance
  • Residence
    permit application support
  • Finding
    affordable apartments for rent

to know more about studying in Austria?

more information, contact us at

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